thermo PU Leather

  • What is Thermo PU Leather?
    What is Thermo PU Leather?
    Jul 12, 2023
        Polyurethane Faux Leather, which is called PU Leather, Synthetic Leather or Artificial Leather, is made from resin and fabric to mimic genuine leather.     Thermo PU Leather is a one kind of  PU Leather made from special resin which can change color when press with high temperature. You can press logo or make design on thermo PU Leather. Due to this special function, thermo PU Leather is widely used for Jeans Label, Menu Covers, stationery, notebook and book cover, electronic product covers, bindery for gift boxes, wine boxes, jewelry box & package, hotel desk supplies, Ad-Specialty projects and high end hospitality applications etc.     Also the enduring elegance of thermo PU provides the utmost in covering materials fashion, feel, and performance. With the hand of natural leather and excellent wear and care characteristics, Rista thermo polyurethane leather provides beautiful, durable, eco-friendly solutions for many covering applications.
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  • How to get your ideal design with Thermo PU Leather?
    How to get your ideal design with Thermo PU Leather?
    Jun 25, 2023
        Rista thermo PU Leather, which is one kind of  high-quality cover material, is with thermo-compression or color-changing effect. Except for Hot Stamping logo process, can also be treated with Foil Stamping, UV Ink Printing, Latex Ink Printing, Eco-Solvent ink Printing, Deboss & Emboss, offset printing, silk screen, bronzing, wire mesh etc. You can do whatever for your ideal design with our thermo PU Leather. 
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