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  • Three factors affect Heat Burnishable Effect
    Three factors affect Heat Burnishable Effect
    Jul 25, 2023
        Heat Burnishing process is a technique of pressing patterns or text onto thermo PU leather, to achieve clear and long-lasting logo or pattern effects.  Three key factors need to be controlled: Temperature, Time, and Pressure, to make sure you can get an ideal color-change effect. 1. Temperature     Generally, color changing PU leather starts to soften and deform at around 150 degrees Celsius, making it more receptive to heat press patterns. However, the specific temperature required depends on the type of leather, its thickness, and the heat burnish equipment used. It is necessary to heat the equipment to the appropriate temperature and wait for a certain period to ensure that the entire device is adequately heated. The temperature normally is controlled as 275-300º F / 135-148º C. 2. Time     Time also affects the heat burnishing results. Generally, the heat burnishing time needs to be adjusted based on factors such as the size and complexity of the pattern, the type of hot stamped leather, and its thickness. Too long a time may result in excessive deformation or scorching of the thermo leather material, while too short a time may not achieve the desired heat burnish effect. It is advisable to conduct tests before actual operation to determine the optimal time. 3. Pressure     The applied pressure during heat burninshing process is another crucial factor influencing the final effect. Sufficient pressure should be applied to ensure that the pattern or text is fully pressed into the thermal PU leather. However, excessive pressure may leave marks or cause crack. It is recommended to conduct tests and adjust the pressure based on the test results.
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