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What is the process of thermo reactive?

What is the process of thermo reactive?

Jul 18, 2023

    Thermo-reactive, it means that Thermo PU Leather changes color to a darker tone when embossed with hot stamping, to make a pattern or design into PU Leather that leaves a refined, crisp, darker notation of the die. It is also called Heat Burnishing. It conveys an immediate sense of quality and luxury to a finished product and helps establish a design in more ways than one. The uses of Thermo Reactive PU Synthetic Leather have expanded well beyond that now, into a mind-boggling array of chic colors, embosses, and finishes. It is super smooth to touch and well suited to the luxury label, packaging and covering material. This is only possible due to the nature of thermo-sensitive materials and the way they are designed for heat sensitivity.

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